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  • Keeper of the Grove 3

    Keeper of the Grove 3

    Fighting Fighting War War Warrior Warrior towerdefense towerdefense magic magic tower tower

    game description

    The Mini Goalkeepers are trying to take over control of the whole forest. They want every species to be under their control and rule everyone. However, the most serious concern is that they are not good rulers; they are unjust and damage the forest. They do not care about mythical creatures and other magical species.

    The only thing they are interested in is food and water. However, in the free online Stickman Peacekeeper game, the goblins cannot control until they get hold of the magical forest crystals that hold the forest's energy. Powerful groves, unicorns, and other solid wooden trees guard those crystals.

    You will build a protective grove around the crystal in the Warrior games unblocked, and don't let the goblins come near them. Play free fighting games because it has some fantastic graphics and a different kind of concept which you will enjoy.

    Release Date: 21 January 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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