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  • Lets Be Cops 3D

    Lets Be Cops 3D

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    Game Description

    Knowing how many km/h people travel would be helpful. Possible punishments include a monetary fine, incarceration, or disclosing relevant details. Treat everyone as though Witch Loves Bullets; they are potential criminals, and don't let anybody get by unnoticed if you see them behaving suspiciously.

    You never know when a chase will begin; if you're not ready, let us Do It; Santa culprit will get away. Still, it would be best to exercise caution since anything like this may occur. Kidnappers, gang bangers, and mafia men might lurk around every corner, so be alert. In Street Cop computer-aided design, players are tasked with resolving realistic safety problems in everyday situations.

    Are you equipped with what that takes to clean up the city and defend right and wrong? Conduct nighttime patrols of the communities, keeping a close eye on the traffic. Have you found who you think the criminal is? After that, you should check your vehicle's license number and Clicker to see whether your suspicions were correct. Don't let the crooks get away by allowing them onto the highway; alternatively, give chase and put them to a halt before it is too late.

    Release Date: 31 December 2020 , Platform: Web browser,

    5757 played times

    Category: Driving Racing

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