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  • Destroy Figures

    Destroy Figures

    html5 html5 Arcade Arcade Mobile Mobile Fun Fun action action click click kids kids clicker clicker figure figure destroying destroying

    game description

    In Destroy Figures, the brown ball serves as your primary weapon. From tiny balls may be launched at your opponents. White geometric formations will shower down on you due to your use. Go to your building site and bring down the whole structure in 3D with a digger, large excavator, or other heavy equipment on HTML5 games io. However, instead of falling one by one, they will spread out in a wide swath on the floor simultaneously. To prevent even a single figure from crossing the dotted line, you must gather your bearings as quickly as possible and launch a huge bombardment around the whole perimeter of the battlefield. The greatest demolition engineer will be able to transform you into the finest home decorator for free if you play house destruction html5 games unblocked. You have ten charges left, and you must use them to destroy game unblocked as many things as possible before they run out of power. Shoot the group to be able to hit several targets with a single ball and save money on projectile expenses.

    Use your building and demolition skills to develop and rebuild houses and other huge loft farm dwellings. You must first destroying game online and then rebuild the white house or another modern home to establish yourself as the best home builder in this construction zone.

    Release Date: 22 April 2022 , Platform: Web browser (Desktop and Mobile)

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