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  • Flip Skater Idle

    Flip Skater Idle

    3D 3D Arcade Arcade Sports Sports Driving Driving Casual Casual action action kids kids skateboard skateboard skating skating

    Game Description

    Skateboarding games unblocked should be done carefully to Backflip Dive and 3D to avoid colliding with obstructions. Conquer all the challenges and amass stars while working alongside the other player. Flip Skater Idle is a fun skateboarding game free that has 50 various levels for players to go through. Conquer skate all games, the top scores, and demonstrate your astonishing prowess to the rest of the world.

    To navigate, you may use the letters A and D or the directional arrows to the left and right. Pick your board, and get yourself for a heart-pounding journey down the Halfpipe! You aim to become FlipSurf.IO most excellent mobile skateboarding game by racing down the slopes at breakneck speeds and reaching ridiculously high heights.

    Skateboard your way across the world through some of the most breathtaking landscapes, and make your mark everywhere. Perform incredible Skater Kid manoeuvres such as nose grabs, jet airs, and front-side airs. 

    Release Date: 29 November 2022 , Platform: Web browser,

    489 played times

    Category: Puzzles

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