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  • Traffic Jam

    Traffic Jam

    WebGL WebGL Car Car Unity 3D Unity 3D 1 Player 1 Player Collecting Collecting Truck Truck Free Free

    game description

    During play of this game, you will be tasked with driving Motorbike Traffic on your bus along the street while also amassing a collection of money. Anyway, you will have a great time behind the wheel of that bus! Some passengers are waiting to be able to carry them to their destination, and you will lose 200 points or money if you collide with a vehicle.

    At the very end of the road, you need to exercise extreme caution since there is a possibility that you may slip and fall. You may get out of the traffic bottleneck during rush hour, do your part at Traffic Stops, and aid the city by completing match-3 puzzles. The one-of-a-kind video game, Vehicular Jam, has vibrant cartoon graphics, exceptionally fluid gameplay, and remarkable soundtracks.

    Come and look around the current traffic game to discover fresh storylines, places, competitions, and a plethora of other incredible content. During Mini Highway Crazy Traffic, the fascinating traffic adventure, you will face challenges ranging from parking jam riddles of novice difficulty to those of super expert difficulty.

    The criminals are being pursued by police vehicles while fire engines race to get to the various emergency rescue operations as quickly as possible. Watch Speed Traffic for anything that might get in your way on the road! Prepare yourself for more than 4,000 challenging levels! Take on your pals in head-to-head competition and work your way to the top of both charts.

    Release Date: 19 August 2019 , Platform: Web browser

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