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    Wood Stair

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    The Woodturning Studio carpenter boy had to complete the order for this morning, but he could not get a hold of the woodcutter.

    So he decided to cut the trees by himself to start the new project as soon as the time ran out quickly. In the NEXUS: wooden logic puzzle game, you will help the carpenter cut and collect the trees as the carpenter is in a hurry to run.

    In the Strategy Stair Run games for pc, you have to ensure that the carpenter doesn't trip over the rocks and other obstacles on the way, or else all his hard work will be in vain. Collect as many woods as possible and avoid all other things; you will get the highest score. The kid games for free also check your reflexes, like how fast you react in certain situations, so don't forget to play these wood puzzle games online!

    Release Date: 19 January 2022 , Platform: Web browser

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