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  • What a Leg

    What a Leg

    Fun Fun HyperCasual HyperCasual funny funny drawing drawing draw draw

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    What a Leg is kicking off the first round of funny competition amongst the currently legless runners. Quickly sketch legs for the runners so they may cross the finish line. The runners will take various parkour courses, each with its challenges. To progress, you must draw the right leg on each block. You may play in a solitary mode versus random online opponents or with a buddy locally.

    Subway Surfer Endless Run is incredible in its own right. You can easily beat Alphabet Lore by taking charge of the number run and gathering every number and theme.

    Swipe to move, jump over obstacles, and gather numbers to level up your cube and take on the colossal monster! Earn sweet prizes!

    Take caution around that hazard. Let's use our speed and wit to win these exciting races. 

    Release Date: 25 April 2023 , Platform: Web browser

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