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  • Melinas Diary

    Melinas Diary

    Arcade Arcade Balance Balance Adventure Adventure 1player 1player action action bounce bounce baby baby

    game description

    Melina's Diary is an exciting, single-player journey through an arcade-style universe. Prepare for a compelling incident as you lead Melina, a strong and independent cub bear, through several difficult levels.

    The exciting game Indiara and the Skull Gold Online encourages players to find their center of gravity and bounce across difficult terrain.

    To complete this adventure, like in Emily's Diary: Summer Time, you must find the keys hidden throughout each stage. Each door you unlock will take you to a different and fascinating part of the tale. The game's ten levels are all different from one another and filled with opponents and challenges. You will be tested to your limits in this arcade-style game.

    Melina may be moved using the arrow keys, and she can double-jump with the W key, letting her fly through the air with style. Like trampolining, each jump will give you a jolt of adrenaline.

    Enter Melina's world, where a crafty wolf has stolen her beloved journal. With the same dogged spirit as in hit games like Random Keywords, help her on her perilous quest to recover it. Because of the wolf's wrongdoing, Melina needs your assistance to restore what is properly hers, and you are the only one who can provide it.

    Prepare for an exciting journey that blends action, exploration, and arcade play. Melina's Diary is waiting to whisk you away to a fantastical land where cub bears grow up to save the day, and bouncing and keeping your balance is the key to winning any battle.

    Release Date: 11 May 2023 , Platform: Web browser

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