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  • Squid Gamer City Destroyer

    Squid Gamer City Destroyer

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    game description

    Some cruel scientists have turned an average gorilla into a giant beast. The gorilla is in pain in Squid Game 2D Shooting due to the injection that altered the animal's genetic diagram.

    The gorilla wants to get out of the evil hospital and go to its home forest in this free action has turned the animal into a giant killer ready to kill people and destroy the city. While doing so, in these free arcade games, the gorilla will destroy all buildings, homes, and everything that will come it is away.

    The animal desperately wants to go to the forest to live with his family and friends. The police and higher authorities Hunting will try to kill the gorilla, but you have to save it from them in these action games online.

    Release Date: 10 February 2022 , Platform: Web browser

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